About Us

Sabine Storage & Operations, Inc. (SSO) is a Houston-based engineering company which focuses on the development, maintenance, and operation of underground storage facilities for liquids and gases, and disposal of waste.

The services which SSO provides cover the full spectrum from initial concept and engineering to construction management and operation of brine production, brine disposal, and underground storage / disposal projects.

Depending on the client’s particular needs, SSO can take on discrete project activities, such as permit applications, due diligence, feasibility studies, geotechnical evaluations or facility audits.

SSO’s team has a diverse background. Many of our key personnel have operating company backgrounds. This experience enables SSO to quickly grasp the client’s key issues in a new development, and helps SSO to arrive at the optimum solution in a rapid and efficient manner.

SSO is registered in the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, in the Louisiana State Board for Contractors, and in the Mississippi State Board of Contractors. SSO is certified to offer and perform engineering services in the states of Alabama and Utah.

  • 2003Sabine Storage & Operations, Inc.
    Formed to provide engineering and construction management services for underground storage and pipeline operations. Expanded Construction and Project Services to include Upstream and Downstream Markets in 2005.
  • 1999Sabine Resources, Inc. (SRI)
    Acquired 245 acres of land on W. Hackberry, LA. Including Olin's Caverns in 2000. Sells 167 acres, including Olin's Caverns to Dominion Energy in 2001.
  • 1985Sabine Gas Operating Company (SGO)
    Began operating the Spindletop Facility for GSU in 1990. Created Consulting Services Unit for Underground storage in 1998. Incorporated construction management services in 1999.
  • 1984Sabine Gas Transmission Company (SGT)
    Constructed 24" pipeline for Gulf States Utilities (GSU) in 1985. Started construction of the Spindletop Gas Storage Facility in 1990. Sabine operated the Spindletop gas storage facility for 15 years.